Track List
1. Calma
2. Asanga
3. Yagóra
4. Maskrinha
5. Festa de tchuva
6. Transparente moda sol
7. Esperá verde djgá
8. Pove
9. Anjo da guarda
10. Kual verdade
11. M ka krê uvi
12. Bom soninho

Caalma (2010)

Caalma is the second album of originals Hernani Almeida is already available. A work that has strong evidence to be the best musical work in 2010. Caalma (extending the "a" and specifically to give more emphasis to the expression). It was recorded at Le Studio Mindelo, between March 1 to April 1, 2010, by Jorge Nunes and Hernani Almeida. The album consists of twelve songs, 11 of the guitarist and one of Bius, a simple tribute to the young musician who died in 2009. read more...

The Band

Hernani Almeida: Lead Guitar, percussion, keyboard, back vocals
Vando: Electric Bass and fretless bass solo
N’Du: Percussion
Khaly: Keyboards and piano


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Track List
1 - Afronamim 
2 - Take off "di santiagu"
3 - ILs 
4 - Dzem Kma Sim
5 - Oitone 
6 - Kolanala (listen)

7 - Bonnus 
8 - Nastrada
9 - Estronhe e criolo
10 - Adaggio

Afronamim (2009)

Afronamim is an album composed of ten original tracks, nine of them from Hernani, and one of the keyboard player of the album, Lúcio Vieira. It was recorded in Praia, at Kapital Studios, from Zunga Pinheiro, in August 2006. Its copyright is Hernani's; it is an author's edition. The musician has a vast career, so far having played and/or produced albums from Tcheka, Vadú, Princesito, among many. Now, and for the first time, Hernani has played out his dreams in the form of this recording.
Afronamim is recorded with participation of Cesária Évora's musicians: Miroca Paris Neves on percussion, Zé Paris on bass, and Lúcio Viera (Lura and Tcheka) on keyboard.
Life Shows are supported by with Ndu (Fernando António Carlos) on percussion, Cali Pereira on keyboard and Vando Pereira on Bass.

To listen the full album:




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2002 - Tcheka (Argui)Dulce Matias (Mel de cana)Bau (Silêncio), also with a lot of other singers, small gigs with Mayra Andrade and Lura

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2007 - Performance with Habib Koité in Mindelo, Cape Verde

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Hernani and Habib Koité SoundChecking...

As producer and musical director, arranger, 9 Albums

2004 - Tcheka (Numonda price RFI)

2005 - Swagato (Ôlinôs) 

2006 - Éder (Perfil), Vadu (Dixi rubera)

2007 - Tcheka with Lenine (Lonji), Princesito (Spiga)

2008 - Isa pereira (Kriola Enkantu) 

2009 - Ilo ferreira, Nhô Nani (Tradicional music from Island of Fogo)